Right with God

Often and many times rather, we have found ourselves as unfaithful and lived our entire lives as if we are independent from our God. We easily live as if He does not exist, and carelessness is but the order of the day. No sense for God what so ever. No move and service for God whatsoever. No longing and craving for God’s presence whatsoever. He is merely a delusional fact and a charm in any time of need. Oh what sadness!!

But God unlike us, is faithful even today and now. He still invites us to run to His throne of grace and find mercy and grace in our time of need. Thus we still have to aim and recommit ourselves to sweet fellowship with our Christ even today. Hebrews 4:14-16

But what do we do when we find ourselves in sin; what do I do in my despair of sin!

Firstly, we must be broken and in total despair, knowing that we who are Christ’s still entertain and indulge in that which our Lord dead for. And yes, we must cry and mourn.. how can I, a child of God called to be holy and blameless do what is unholy.. We must mourn sincerely because we have grieved the Holy Spirit in us.

Secondly, in our tears we continue to thank God for showing the reality of our hearts and the great evils we adore. Because how awful it is when we don’t recognize our sin or deceive ourselves or treat our sins as a little thing over Gods love.

Thirdly, I recommit myself to God, maybe I have been living this life by myself, and know from the bottom of my heart that my God and Savior is good and perfect, he is to be first in my life..so I run to that open throne of grace, and note, it’s the throne of grace, continuously giving me what I don’t deserve and find there mercy and grace.

Fourthly, I must remind myself and know that it is not about me feeling good by doing more good to erase my bad..but I take hope in my Savior. Thank Him for his faithfulness and love. And pray and read my Bible not to feel good, but to run to my Savior and God.

Fifthly, I will do ministry only when I know I’m with my Savior..knowing that I’m not deceiving myself or pretending. But even in my leading and serving, I am crying, I am not worthy of this, but work Lord. And please Lord do not pass these blessings by me. But bless and transform me and renew my mind and heart.

Six, plan and review how you fall, and plan for safe measures for next time if you are to be in the same situation. 90% chances are that you will repeat the same thing again. If you are not prepared for battle, you won’t win the battle. There won’t be any struggling but easily giving in. Thus, equip yourself with the right verses, promises (the whole armor of God) today and now, for your next fight against sin and any sort of ungodliness which can come in the next second.

And in all these, we pray and in faith apply our minds and heart to truth.

NB: Hebrews 12 would be a good reading.!

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