Please consider disciplining yourself to be Godly!

Dear Christian,


You are not your own, meaning, you are created and saved by God and for God. Therefore, your entire self together with all that God has given you must be used for the pleasure of God. Thus, you are to orient your life toward this goal by killing your old habits and desires and putting on or taking up godly habits.

God intends for his children to be godly. This godliness however does not come automatically, but it comes about and through discipline (1 Timothy 4:7 & Hebrews 5:13-14). Discipline is orienting yourself toward the goal of godliness. You must have a life that is structured, set up, and organized toward that goal. Discipline is not something easy, but it is work. You need to be discipline because you got habits that are not good. Do you know that people work by habits? Here is how! You think of something new to begin. You learn it by struggle and persistence, and you habitually repeat it consciously. Until you eventually do that particular thing perfectly without even thinking about every step. Thus, that particular thing becomes second nature to you. Like riding a bicycle or even tying your shoes. You must also therefore discipline yourself towards godliness so that godliness becomes second nature to you. Pleasing God becoming your way of life without conflicts of interest within you.

Consider the following:

  1. Examine yourself and analyze if whatever you do is pleasing God or is sinful and offends God.
  2. Know what God requires of you from His revealed will (from the Scriptures).
  3. You can change by the power of God (Philippians 2:13). All holiness, all righteousness, all godliness is the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).

Thus, the Christian life is a life of continual change toward being like Christ/like God. Sadly, too many Christian though wanting to change end up giving-up due to the struggle involved in the process because they want the change to come soon. The problem is that they do not want the daily struggle. Christ in Luke 9:23, said that there must be a struggle of denying self/the old man and his desires. So, for discipline to work you must endure. You must persist toward the goal. You learn because you endure despite failures. Godly discipline for godliness is not just a man-centered effort, but a grace-motivated effort. The power for this comes from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s power is not some mystic power in the air. But the Holy Spirit works through the Scriptures. The Bible is the sharp tool the Holy Spirit uses to accomplish his work in you. Therefore, it is by willing, prayerful and persistent obedience to the requirement of the Scriptures that godly patterns are developed and come to be a part of you. The discipline is oriented then towards the Scripture and to live them out. So, read and study them prayerfully and apply them, even when you do not feel like it. Living according to your feelings is the greatest hindrance to your godliness that you can ever face. Until then, continue in these things for by so doing you will save both yourself and those that are watching you and those that hear you from sin and the wrath of God that is to come upon all the world.

I sincerely and prayerfully wish you a good year, 2020. Instead of making this your year, make this year for God, your Creator and Savior. Discipline toward godliness enables you to display God and His goodness.

Yours in Christ

Another Saint

3 thoughts on “Please consider disciplining yourself to be Godly!

  1. Self discipline, that’s vital self discipline and maintenance.definitely,i really adore your advice.i thoroughly enjoyed this book, in fact I couldn’t put it the Lord keep His presence.


  2. Self discipline , that’s vital self discipline and maintenance . definitely , I really adore your advice , and thoroughly enjoyed this book, infact I couldn’t put it down.


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