Book Review – Prosperity? Seeking the true Gospel

Title: Prosperity?
Subtitle: Seeking the true Gospel
Authors: Michael Otieno Maura, Conrad Mbewe, Ken Mbugua, John Piper and Wayne Grudem
Year: 2015

This book has been written by african pastors for african christians, with some very helpful articles by John Piper and Wayne Grudem in the appendix. This is a very helpful resource and it’s aim is “to address the core principles and ideas of this prosperity teaching, rather than arguing with particular preachers.” The authors in this book do such a good job in pointing out this dangerous principles that so easily mislead people who seek Christianity in Africa and to counter that with biblical teachings.

This book has a great emphasis on the word of God, there is actually a lot of exposition of the Bible. In the introduction pastor Mbugua talks about distortions of the prosperity gospel. In chapter one he addresses common misinterpretation of the Bible by prosperity preachers. In chapter two pastor Maura contrast between material prosperity and spiritual prosperity. In chapter three pastor Mbugua compares the life of Christ, the Apostles and church history figures with the life that prosperity preachers promote. In chapter four he talks about suffering from a Christian perspective and how it contradicts the prosperity gospel. In chapter 5, pastor Mbewe talks about the good news of Jesus from a refreshing perspective. He looks at the identity, interest and intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally in chapter five pastor Maura talks about the blessings on the true gospel based on Romans 5.

This is truly a blessing to everyone who is asking questions, a believer and even those who are blinded by the prosperity gospel. It is well written, and uses helpful illustrations and is very practical. It has depth to it and yet presented in a simple way. My only critic is that in chapter five some points seem to say something that can be misinterpreted by some. That being poor is equal to godliness. “If poverty was enough for the master, should the servants demand more?” (p 53). It is certainly not what is being said but can be interpreted by some to mean that.

Apart from that I highly recommend this book. Let me put it this way, every Christian in Africa should read this book. If you have not read this book, find it, buy it and read it. This is an important topic that has mislead a lot of people on our continent and reading this will equip you not to fall victim.

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