Lessons from 1 Timothy

First Timothy is a 6 chapter long book, written by Paul to Timothy. There is much to learn from this book, and I will encourage you to spare 30 minutes of your time to read it. Here are few highlights from the book:

  • Jesus Christ is the only hope of this world (1:1, 15; 2:5): Paul rightly says that Christ is our hope. Our hope in this life and the life to come is only stored in Christ. Thus, make him your all in all.
  • Prayer is not just another thing to be done, but it is of great necessity to all of life (2:1-2): Prayer is not just concern with our relationship with God, but also with our physical wellbeing. Thus, pray is essential for the whole of life (spiritual & physical).
  •  The church is to uphold and proclaim the Truth (3:15): God has granted his church to be the custodian of Truth. It is its duty to teach this Truth and live out this Truth. O what a worthy and a great calling!
  • Dear Christian, the goal is godliness (4:7-8, 12 & 16): The goal is for our lives to be worthy of God. So the goal is not to be good, but for the life and character of Christ to rub onto ours, and consequently be worthy examples.
  • Money is not great riches (6:6-10 & 17): The world is lying to us every day that money is everything. Sadly, many make it their goal to have much cash as possible; to their disappointment enough is never enough. However, godliness and contentment is the secrete value of a redeemed heart.

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