14. God’s Gift of New Life is in and through Christ Alone

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Notice the phrase “in Christ Jesus our Lord.” It brings out the most important thing when it comes to the gospel and this is the great truth for which the entire book of Romans was written. It is as if Paul stopped here and reflected: “I have said that salvation is the free gift of God. But surely I can’t let it go at that. Salvation is the gift of God, yes! But how is it possible for God to be this gracious to us? How can he have given us the gift of eternal life, we being the sinners that we are?” The answer, of course, is that salvation is by, in, and through Jesus Christ. Paul never forgot that we are saved from sin only because of Jesus’s work.

And that raises another question—a personal one because religion always is personal; it must be. Are you in Jesus? Is Jesus your Savior, your Lord? There are only two ways you can answer that question, either yes or no. He either is your Savior or he is not.

If he is, let me ask these follow-up questions: Are you living for Jesus? If you are not, why not? He gave himself for you. He died for you. He even lives for you. If you are delivered from your bondage to sin by Jesus, it is so that you might thereafter be his, starting in this life.

The other way you can answer my question is no. And if that is the case, I ask why you would willingly keep going on such a self-destructive path, particularly when the way of salvation is known to you. Haven’t you been trapped by sin long enough? Don’t you long for deliverance?

The wages of sin is death, and spiritually speaking you are as dead as dry bones in the valley. No one but God can bring life out of death. No one but Jesus can make your dead bones live. God can do it because Christ died and made a way possible. You know you cannot fabricate a life that lives for the pleasure of God, and I am sure you have tried countless times but to no avail. So why continue struggling to work out a way to God? Christ and only in Christ has God made a way possible. You need to come. Believe in him today. You need to come now.

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