25. Salvation for All

Romans 10:13

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

The Bible’s promise is that you will be saved if you believe in Jesus and trust in what he accomplished on the cross by dying for your sin. That is, you will be saved from your sin and from the wrath of God that hangs over you because of it. And God promises not just delivery but a new life in him.

The gospel is preached publically to all because God desires every person to hear his Good News. God has placed this Good News in mortal ‘human’ form of communication, and he uses ordinary people to tell others about this Good News (vv.14-17).

This gospel is preached to all because all are in desperate need of salvation. Salvation here is with reference to man’s status before God. The God of heaven and earth, who made all things and to whom all things are accountable! The clear verdict is that all men are wicked and thus separated from God who is holy and completely righteous. Therefore, no amount of work can change man’s condition. What every man needs is a Saviour to be saved.

Is this promise yours? Is it really a worthy promise? In other words, is God worthy? If yes, believe and receive the promise of the gospel. This promise is not mere emotional fantasy, but the evidence of all who are saved. All God’s children know that they are saved and daily celebrate their new life in Christ. So, are you saved?

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