The Lethal danger of Legalism

Introduction One of the greatest enemies of the gospel in Namibia is legalism. Most people in Namibia are confident that they are Christians based on what they have done. Some believe that they are Christians because they were baptized as babies, some because they pray and go to church occasionally. This is dangerous thinking which … Continue reading The Lethal danger of Legalism

Book Review – What is the mission of the Church?

Title: What is the mission of the Church?Subtitle: Making sense of social justice, shalom, and the great commissionAuthors:Kevin DeYoung (Senior Pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, former pastor of University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan, an author of several books, “Hole in our Holiness”, “Taking God at his word”). Greg Gilbert (a … Continue reading Book Review – What is the mission of the Church?

Book Review – Prosperity? Seeking the true Gospel

Title: Prosperity?Subtitle: Seeking the true GospelAuthors: Michael Otieno Maura, Conrad Mbewe, Ken Mbugua, John Piper and Wayne GrudemYear: 2015 This book has been written by african pastors for african christians, with some very helpful articles by John Piper and Wayne Grudem in the appendix. This is a very helpful resource and it’s aim is “to … Continue reading Book Review – Prosperity? Seeking the true Gospel

Worldliness and Young Evangelicals

Introduction You are probably wondering what I mean by the title, well in the phrase “young Evangelicals” I am basically referring to Bible-believing young adult Christians and particularly who are in good Bible-believing churches. This generation of evangelical young adults is very much consumed with the things of this world and we lose sight of … Continue reading Worldliness and Young Evangelicals

Seven Facts about being Born Again

The necessity and implications of being Born-Again Introduction It is often interesting to notice a confusion about something that is clearly explained! Such is the case with the topic of being born again. And disagreements are often the by-products.Yet this subject is of critical importance, for our salvation is totally depended upon it. In this … Continue reading Seven Facts about being Born Again