His commandments are not burdensome

It is very common to hear statements amongst Christians such as, ‘This life is not easy’ or ‘It is not easy being a Christian’. Now, we all agree that there is a cost to being a Christian, however, the cost is usually not what is in view. A type of burden is usually assumed. So … Continue reading His commandments are not burdensome

True Freedom that Every Man Need

On the 21st of March, Namibians celebrate their Independence, gained 32 years ago. The Independence Day reminds us of the heroes and heroines who have sacrifices their comforts and lives for the sake of freedom. Those who have tested the horror of colonialism understand the blessings of freedom. Therefore, we celebrate the Independence Day because … Continue reading True Freedom that Every Man Need

The fundamental mark of the Christian

Are there any qualities or characteristics that are true of Christians only and make them to be different from the rest of mankind? Or are we just like the rest, each embracing their respective club of belonging. I think there is a distinction between a Christian and a non-Christian. The fundamental mark of the Christian … Continue reading The fundamental mark of the Christian