The Role Of A Father!

“Everything falls and rises on leadership” says Dr. Maxwell. That can be an intimidating statement especially if you are a father. As Pastor Kwatouta said in his article, “ The Role of a Christian home” our families are broken and they are also affected by sin; and if Father’s try to lead their families in … Continue reading The Role Of A Father!

True Independence

The 21st of March is a joyous day for every Namibian. Whether old or young, we are all proud to be citizens of the Land of the Brave. Beautiful land of Savannahs, desert, and ocean – it is truly one of a kind. Namibia our mother land, we love thee! Our liberty did not come cheap, but by the blood of many wateredfor our freedom. As we celebrate our independence today, I want us … Continue reading True Independence

The Role of the Christian in Society

The primary role of Christians in the society is to teach and preach the gospel of Christ in life and doctrine to restore the worship and glory of God in sinner. Christians must act in line with the doctrine that they claim to believe. Christians are custodians of truth and moral uprightness. This is why the church (body of Christians) is called the pillar and ground of the truth in the society (1 Timothy 3:15). In marriage, homes, business, in politics, wherever they are and in whatever they do, Christians must abhor what is evil and cling to what is good – Romans 12:9; 1 Corinthians 10:31. Christians are to stand up for Christ and for righteousness. Christians are called to be the light of the world through their godly living, through biblical teachings and through righteous actions (Mathews 5:13–16, Colossians 3:1–17).

Book Review – What is the mission of the Church?

Title: What is the mission of the Church?Subtitle: Making sense of social justice, shalom, and the great commissionAuthors:Kevin DeYoung (Senior Pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, former pastor of University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan, an author of several books, “Hole in our Holiness”, “Taking God at his word”). Greg Gilbert (a … Continue reading Book Review – What is the mission of the Church?

Book Review – Prosperity? Seeking the true Gospel

Title: Prosperity?Subtitle: Seeking the true GospelAuthors: Michael Otieno Maura, Conrad Mbewe, Ken Mbugua, John Piper and Wayne GrudemYear: 2015 This book has been written by african pastors for african christians, with some very helpful articles by John Piper and Wayne Grudem in the appendix. This is a very helpful resource and it’s aim is “to … Continue reading Book Review – Prosperity? Seeking the true Gospel