It’s actually December

Believe it or not, we are really in December, and a new year is approaching in few weeks. What a year this has been! Due to the pandemic, we all had (and some still) our ups and downs. One way or another, we have all been shaken and often caught panicking. As we are approaching … Continue reading It’s actually December

The fundamental mark of the Christian

Are there any qualities or characteristics that are true of Christians only and make them to be different from the rest of mankind? Or are we just like the rest, each embracing their respective club of belonging. I think there is a distinction between a Christian and a non-Christian. The fundamental mark of the Christian … Continue reading The fundamental mark of the Christian

True Independence

The 21st of March is a joyous day for every Namibian. Whether old or young, we are all proud to be citizens of the Land of the Brave. Beautiful land of Savannahs, desert, and ocean – it is truly one of a kind. Namibia our mother land, we love thee! Our liberty did not come cheap, but by the blood of many wateredfor our freedom. As we celebrate our independence today, I want us … Continue reading True Independence