The Christian ultimate longing

The world in its best efforts tries to persuade every man to hope and fulfillment. It offers electrical security gadgets to grant protection; it offers medical aid to grant health care; etc. Sadly, it is only a matter of time when one actually realizes that all that the world gives and promises has its own expiry date and is in need of an upgrade. Therefore I ask the question, ‘What in the world are you groaning for?’ Often we are caught longing and seriously in pursuit of wrong things. We make it our ambition to obtain all that our heart desires, but after we have acquired it, we are still found wanting and groaning.

As Christians, what should be our uttermost longing that marks our life and which cannot be mistaken for another thing by any person watching us? Yes, we live in the same world as all, and are affected by the same care as all, but is there an ultimate craving that is purely distinct for the Christian? Yes, absolutely there is and the text below is clear on that!

“For indeed in this house, we groan, longing to be clothed with our dwelling from Heaven

2 Corinthians 5:2.

The ultimate longing of the Christian is his/her glorification. When finally, we will be removed from this body of weakness and sin, and clothed in total perfection. When no member in us is tempted to draw us to despair and sin but is only drawn to righteousness (Romans 6:13). When worship is the only default setting in us and the joy of the LORD is our only joy. Therefore as Paul says, we long for our dwelling from Heaven. Longing for God to complete his work in us! Is this your longing?

4 thoughts on “The Christian ultimate longing

  1. Praise the Lord ! I am really encouraged and awakened by this mail. May the Lord bless you and keep you Pastor. I pray that it (the mail) do likewise to many! God bless you


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