The fundamental mark of the Christian

Are there any qualities or characteristics that are true of Christians only and make them to be different from the rest of mankind? Or are we just like the rest, each embracing their respective club of belonging. I think there is a distinction between a Christian and a non-Christian.

The fundamental mark of the Christian is the utmost pleasure in God and his dealings, given to one by the Holy Spirit through the direction of the gospel. It is the taste for divine (godly) things redirecting one’s natural passions and appetites to the spiritual riches of the good life in God. When the idea of God is not only a rational concept, but when a sense of the gloriousness and holiness of God is an affection of the heart that motivates the will to bring about a godly appearance. The inward testimony that we are the children of God is the fundamental mark. Indeed, the Holy Spirit himself bears witness within us that we are children of God, and we sincerely cry to God as our Father, and we are known by him as his dear children (Romans 8:15-16 and Galatians 4:9).

The Christian has an unmistakable and unquestionable passion for God and the things of God. Christ is indeed his all, crown, and joy. Psalm 16 paints the picture more vividly: As David sees no other good apart from God, for God makes his heart glad and his whole being to be joyous.

O may such be our disposition dear friends. Storms, sickness, and death may come, but may our passion for our God and his mission never fade in us. May God be the crown and joy of our entire being without compromise!

But dear reader is this passion for God true of you? Or are you lost in the religious maze and you are living by trying to be good? This passion and taste for the heavenly things does not just happen. It is an objective reality that we receive from God as we accept his offer of new life in Christ. For unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God (John 3:1-16).

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